SCIENCE LIVE: A-LEVEL will be back next year

  • Each is an exciting day specifically designed for A-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics students.
  • The chance to hear some of the best scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their specialisms.
  • The scientists are carefully chosen for their ability to communicate with students of this age in a direct and exciting way.
  • Help improve¬†your Science A-level results with two sessions from a specialist Biology, Chemistry or Physics examiner.
  • The day (as well as the literature provided) will be a look forward for pupils thinking about choosing these subjects at university.
  • Show your students how science can lead to an interesting career.
  • The day is designed to be exciting and thought-provoking and will give students the chance to raise issues with the scientists.
  • The day runs from 10.45am to 3.30pm.